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Articles in press

Microstructural characterization and mechanical properties of diffusion-brazed AZ91C magnesium alloy to 316L stainless steel
M. Ataei, A. Shamsipur, S. E. Mirsalehi

Cyclic lateral behavior of friction stir spot welds of AA2219 aluminum alloy: impact of inherent flow defects
O. O. Ojo, E. Taban, E. Kaluc, A. Sik

Evaluation of the microstructure and properties of Cr3C2 powders added to Vanadis 4 alloy steel via vacuum sintering and heat treatments
S.-H. Chang, K.-Y. Lee, K.-T. Huang, T.-H. Yang

Effect of welding speed on microstructure and mechanical properties of marine grade aluminium (5XXX) alloy joined by MIG welding
B. Çevik, M. Koç

Processing and characterization of porous SiC/NiTi alloys for biomedical applications
M. Şimşir, H. Akkan, K. E. Öksüz

Wear behaviour of the tialn pvd coating on the deep cryogenically treated hss substrate
S. Šolić, Z. Schauperl, V. Tropša

Structure of Pd-Zr and Pt-Zr modified aluminide coatings deposited by CVD method on nickel superalloys
M. Pytel, M. Góral, T. Tokarski, R. Filip

Effect of heat inputs on microstructure and mechanical properties in CGHAZ of BWELDY960Q steel
H. Qin, Y. Guo, L. Wang, P. Liang, Y. Shi, Y. Cui

Enhancement of properties of pure lead via underwater friction stir processing for thermoelectric and battery applications
C. Sekkappan, V. Vashist, A. K. Lakshminarayanan

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Full title of this journal is bilingual: Kovové materiály - Metallic Materials.
The official abbreviation in accordance with JCR ISI is Kovove Mater.

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