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Articles in press

Wear performance of ductile iron after electrolytic plasma hardening
A. Ayday, M. Durman

Application of the molecular interaction volume model to the assessment of thermodynamic properties of liquid Zn-Bi alloys
G.-H. Ding, L.-M. Liang, P. Meng, L. Wang, Y.-X. Wang, Y.-J. Wang, R.-X. Gan

Improving mechanical properties of AlSi10Mg aluminum alloy using ultrasonic melt treatment combined with T6 heat treatment
F. Vatansever, A. T. Ertürk, S. Karabay

Microstructural aspects of laser surface treatment of commercially pure (CP) titanium
J. Iwaszko

Micro-nano structure and characterization in the nugget zone of Al-Cu-Mg alloy under friction stir processing
S. Sun, P. Liu, J. Hu, M. Cao

Mechanical properties of aluminum foams ceramic coated through plasma electrolytic oxidation
F. Çavuşlu, K. Korkmaz, M. Usta

Microstructure and thermal stability of the Cu-ZrB2 and CuCr1Zr-ZrB2 composites prepared by gas pressure infiltration
A. Opálek, N. Beronská, Š. Nagy, T. Dvorák, P. Štefánik, T. Švantner, P. Švec, K. Iždinský

Thermographic analysis of a Dual-Phase steel under quasi-static and dynamic tension
S. Kołodziej, G. Weber, A. Czulak, W. Ozgowicz

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Full title of this journal is bilingual: Kovové materiály - Metallic Materials.
The official abbreviation in accordance with JCR ISI is Kovove Mater.

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