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Articles in press

Influence of quenching parameters on mechanical properties and conductivity of 7A09 aluminum alloy
D. Shi, K. Kang, Z. Chen, G. Gao

Ni-718 superalloy foam processed by powder space-holder technique: microstructural and mechanical characterization
G. Timac, O. Gulsoy

Study on dislocation and microstructural properties of friction stir welded joint for 2024-T4 aluminium alloys
Geming Zhang, Peng Liu, Keyun Feng, Cainian Jing, Shubo Xu, Jianing Li

Effect of deposition potential and copper concentration on the phase transformation mechanism and structural distribution during electrodeposition of Ni-Cu magnetic alloy thin films
R. Pandey, P. Nath, A. Das, A. Mallik

The effect of microstructure on tensile strength of high martensite dual phase steels
T. Saatci, E. Salamci

Experimental research for the impact of ball burnishing process on the mechanical properties of the variable parameters and ANN modelling
H. Basak, M. T. Ozkan, I. Toktas

Impression creep properties of hypoeutectic Mg-xSi alloys
M. Badri, S. M. Miresmaeili, B. Namii

A first-principles investigation about alloying effects on Ti//TiO2 interface
Angyang Yu, Qingmiao Hu, Rui Yang

Effect of Si content on machinability of Al-Si alloys
B. Akyüz

Effect of hot rolling history and cooling rate on the phase transformation of plain carbon steel
I. Schindler, S. Rusz, P. Opěla, J. Rusz, Z. Solowski, K. M. Čmiel

Ballistic investigation of polymer bonded borided steel sheets
Y. Gencer, M. Tarakci, V. Alankaya, Y. Azakli, S. Cengiz, A. E. Gulec, K. O. Gunduz, A. S. Oktem, Z. C. Oter

Process parameters optimization of magnesium alloy quasi-vacuum casting using X-ray image defect inspection
Song-Jeng Huang, Chien-Cheng Lin, Fang-Jung Shiou, Jheng-Yang Huang

Sliding wear behavior of FeCrC reinforced and Ni based composites produced by mechanical alloying technique
S. Osman Yilmaz, Fatih Demir, Tanju Teker

Microstructure inhomogeneity of centrifugally cast ductile iron pipes and its effect on mechanical properties
A. Wassilkowska

Study on precipitated phases, dislocations and hardness in the HAZ of friction stir welded joint for 2024 aluminium alloy
Peng Liu, Keyun Feng, Shubo Xu, Jianing Li, Chuanwei Shi, Geming Zhang

Effects of spheroidization heat treatments on the microstructure, hardness and toughness in high carbon powder metallurgy steel
O. Altuntaş, A. Güral

Nitrogen enrichment of AISI 409 stainless steel by solution heat treatment after plasma nitriding
E. M. Berton, J. C. K. das Neves, M. Mafra, P. C. Borges

Structure and thermal expansion mechanism of liquid InBi compound
I. Shtablavyi, S. Mudry, U. Liudkevych

Effect of tempering on microstructure and properties of Fe-Cr-B-Al alloy
Ju Jiang, Fu Han-Guang, Xing Zhen-Guo, Lei Yong-Ping

Microscopic analysis of the stainless steel weld metal after long-term thermal exposition in the primary circuit of the nuclear power plant
D. Grgač, ź. Čaplovič, M. Dománková, P. Grgač

Analysis of sheet surface roughness change under contact with flat and spherical indenters
T. Trzepiecinski, Ł. Bšk, F. Stachowicz, S. Bosiakov, S. Rogosin

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Full title of this journal is bilingual: Kovové materiály - Metallic Materials.
The official abbreviation in accordance with JCR ISI is Kovove Mater.

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