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Articles in press

Observations on the intersection between {1011} and {1012} twin in deformed magnesium alloy
G. Xi, J. Zhang, J. Wu, J. Jia, Y. Zhi

Investigation of mechanical and microstructural properties of AA5754/AA6013 dissimilar aluminium alloys joined by GMAW and FSW methods
A. Yuruk, Y. Ayan, B. Cevik, N. Kahraman

Mechanical testing and numerical simulations on fatigue behavior of a cladded Al/Al-Mg alloy
C. Zhang, Y. Y. Teng, W. Liu, L. Lin, X. X. Hu, Y. H. Jiang, X. Y. Ye, M. W. Zhou, J. W. Wang

Graphene nanoplatelets reinforced aluminum alloy matrix composites produced by spark plasma sintering
V. Puchy, M. Podobova, R. Dzunda, P. Hvizdos, O. Velgosova, M. Besterci, B. Ballokova

Isothermal oxidation kinetics of laser cladded NiCoCrAl/WC + La2O3 hybrid composite coatings at 700 °C
P. Ashtari, N. Parvini Ahmadi, S. Yazdani

Accumulative roll-bonding of aluminium sheets at room and cryogenic temperatures
M. Karlik, P. Homola, P. Slama

Electromagnetic welding of Al-Cu: An investigation on the thickness of sheets
M. Ayaz, M. Khandaei, Y. Vahidshad

The effect of co-addition of La and Nd on microstructures and mechanical properties of squeeze-cast Mg-Al-Zn-La-Nd alloys
P. Cui, Z. Ji, M. Hu, H. Xu, X. Zhang, T. Zhang

The transition from the power-law to the power-law breakdown regimes in thermal creep of Zr1%Nb cladding alloys
V. Sklenicka, K. Kucharova, M. Kvapilova, P. Kral, J. Dvorak

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Full title of this journal is bilingual: Kovové materiály - Metallic Materials.
The official abbreviation in accordance with JCR ISI is Kovove Mater.

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