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Articles in press

Effect of electric pulse aging time on microstructure and properties of ZL114A alloy
K. Kang, D. Shi, G. Gao

The effects of primary thermo-mechanical processing routes and intercritical annealing on the mechanical properties of st37 low carbon steel
M. Alibeyki, H. Mirzadeh, M. Najafi

Characterization of Al-4.5%Cu alloy with the addition of silicon carbide and bamboo leaf ash
B. Praveen Kumar, Anil Kumar Birru

On the groove pressing of Ni-W Alloy: microstructure, texture and mechanical properties evolution
S. Koriche, S. Boudekhani-Abbas, H. Azzeddine, K. Abib, A.-L. Helbert, F. Brisset, T. Baudin, D. Bradai

Tribocorrosion behavior of Ni-P and Ni-P-ZrO2 coatings
F. Tabatabaei, S. Vardak, S. Alirezaei, K. Raeissi

Tunnel growth mechanism of aluminum foils during etching on corrosion cell
D. Xu, R.-G. Xiao, J.-Z. Wang

Influence of Al content on machinability of AM series magnesium alloys
B. Akyüz

Grain refinement of cast peritectic TiAl-based alloy by solid-state phase transformations
K. Kamyshnykova, J. Lapin

Wear behavior of GTA coated FeCrC based bond alloy on an AISI1040 steel substrate
S. Dalmis, T. Teker, S. O. Yilmaz

Wear performance of ductile iron after electrolytic plasma hardening
A. Ayday, M. Durman

Application of the molecular interaction volume model to the assessment of thermodynamic properties of liquid Zn-Bi alloys
G.-H. Ding, L.-M. Liang, P. Meng, L. Wang, Y.-X. Wang, Y.-J. Wang, R.-X. Gan

The effects of CO2 laser and thulium-doped fibre laser scribing on magnetic domains structure, coercivity, and nanohardness of Fe-3.2Si grain-oriented electrical steel sheets
V. Puchý, F. Kováč, L. Falat, I. Petryshynets, R. Džunda, M. Fides, M. Podobová, J. Mrázek, Y. Baravets, P. Honzátko, S. Vytykáčová

FEM numerical analysis of the compaction of a mixture of brake pad components taking account of the real shapes and dimensions of particles
R. Moszumański, T. Trzepieciński

Improving mechanical properties of AlSi10Mg aluminum alloy using ultrasonic melt treatment combined with T6 heat treatment
F. Vatansever, A. T. Ertürk, S. Karabay

Characterization of phase development in commercial Al-Zn-Mg(-Mn,Fe) alloy with and without Sc,Zr-addition
M. Vlach, V. Kodetová, B. Smola, J. Čízek, T. Kekule, M. Cieslar, H. Kudrnová, L. Bajtošová, M. Leibner, I. Procházka

Softening kinetics in the process of stress relaxation after hot deformation of HSLA steel
E. Kalinowska-Ozgowicz, S. Kudela jr., K. Lenik, W. Ozgowicz

Wear resistance of austempered pearlitic ductile iron (Letter to Editor)
D. Jesić, P. Kovač, M. Plavšić, ź. Šooš, D. Sarjanović

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Full title of this journal is bilingual: Kovové materiály - Metallic Materials.
The official abbreviation in accordance with JCR ISI is Kovove Mater.

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