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VOLUME 42 (2004), Issue 1

Structural transformations at the Cu-Ti interface during synthesis of copper-intermetallics layered composite
vol. 42 (2004), no. 1, pp. 42 - 50

This article is mainly devoted to examination of the structure formed at a Cu-Ti interface. Investigations were concerned with the structural transformations of a Cu-Ti couple at a temperature of 890 °C because this was the lowest temperature suficient for the formation of the Cu-intermetallic phases composite. Holding for a few minutes, the Cu-Ti couple results in the formation of a thin layer at the interface. Prolongation of the heating time leads to reactions in the liquid state. Using X-ray microprobe analysis, the intermetallic compounds: Cu4Ti, Cu4Ti3, CuTi, and CuTi2 were identified in the reaction zone. The predominant part of the dendritic structure is the mixture of Cu4Ti and Cu4 Ti3, copper rich phases, therefore a liquid front of reaction is moving into the copper. The microhardness of the reaction products and of the elemental Cu and Ti components was measured. Finally, it was shown that the copper-intermetallic layered composites can be formed by high temperature reactions from copper and titanium sheets.

Key words
intermetallic phases, metal-intermetallic phases composite

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Full title of this journal is bilingual: Kovové materiály - Metallic Materials.
The official abbreviation in accordance with JCR ISI is Kovove Mater.

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