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VOLUME 59 (2021), Issue 2

Effect of Mo on δ phase precipitation and tensile properties in cast alloy IN625
MU, Y., NA, M., WANG, C., XU, Q.
vol. 59 (2021), no. 2, pp. 93 - 97

Cast alloy IN625 is a candidate Ni-based alloy for advanced ultra-supercritical (A-USC) power plants. In order to investigate the influence of Mo on δ phase precipitation, the heat treatment experiments on the Mo series of alloys were carried out at 750 °C (the service temperature of A-USC power plants) up to 17,000 h, and effects of δ phase on the tensile properties were also studied. The results show that lots of δ phase precipitated after long-term aging at 750 °C and the Mo content has a weak effect on the precipitation of the δ phase. With the increasement of δ phase content, the strength of alloys after aging at 750 °C for up to 5,000 h increased nearly linearly with the increasing aging time while the elongation was affected by δ precipitation to a relatively limited extent. It is suggested that the δ phase serves as a strengthening phase in cast alloy IN625.

Key words
δ phase, element Mo, cast alloy IN625, AUSC

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