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VOLUME 58 (2020), Issue 6

Effect of deformation temperature on bainitic transformation and microstructure of a medium carbon high strength bainite steel
WANG, Z., XU, G., LIU, M., CHEN, G., HU, H.
vol. 58 (2020), no. 6, pp. 387 - 393

The effect of deformation temperature on bainitic transformation was investigated by dilatometry, microstructure, and X-ray diffraction analysis. The results indicate that deformation accelerates initial bainite transformation by increasing nucleation sites. There is a critical temperature to promote the amount of bainitic transformation. When the ausforming temperature decreases below the critical temperature (525 °C), the final amount of bainite is larger than that of non-deformation steel. In addition, the microstructures of all specimens consist of needle-like bainite, film-like retained austenite (RA), and blocky martensite, while the finer microstructure and shorter bainite are observed in deformed specimens.

Key words
bainitic transformation, ausforming temperature, retained austenite (RA), deformation

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