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VOLUME 52 (2014), Issue 6

Creation of wear resistant boride layers on selected steel grades in electric arc remelting process
vol. 52 (2014), no. 6, pp. 387 - 394

This article deals with possibilities of an application of controlled diffusion processes in remelting of steel surface layers with anelectric arc of non-consumable electrode, in the environment enriched by boron, with the aim to achieve an improved wear resistance. In the design of experiment, there was formulated an assumption that the dissociation and ionisation of environment can be achieved, allowing the initiation of diffusion processes in the surface layer of the steel remelted. Conditions for creation of hard and stable structures with required properties should be obtained by enrichment of surface layers. The steel grades 16MnCr5 and X8CrNiTi1810 were used in experiments. Values of hardness and relative abrasive wear resistance were measured on samples after remelting. The metallographic analysis of remelted samples was performed as well. A significant increase in values of studied parameters was observed when remelting in the boron containing environment. The dependence applies to the effect of the environment on the change of properties and boron content in the remelting environment.

Key words
electric arc remelting, diffusion processes, abrasive wear, boron

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