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VOLUME 50 (2012), Issue 6

The effect of Nb interlayers on compaction of Mo/Mo silicide composites
vol. 50 (2012), no. 6, pp. 425 - 432

Reactions during compaction of Mo/Mo silicide wires with and without Nb interlayers were qualitatively assessed in this work. It appeared that hot pressing at 1800 °C/60 minutes/30 MPa in vacuum had not been sufficient to compact the Mo/Mo silicide wires in the absence of any additional interfacial layer. However, the development of silicide layers proceeded and the redistribution of elements towards equilibrium took place.
Hot pressing of Mo/Mo silicide + Nb wires yielded compact composites with little pores and cracks. Interfacial reactions resulted in the decomposition of MoSi2 followed by forming of Nb5Si3 silicide.
Best results were achieved with 3 μm thick Nb foils, yielding compact interfaces with limited development of new phases. Low amount of Nb resulted in only partial decomposition of MoSi2 to Mo5Si3 followed by forming of thin (Nb, Mo)5Si3 ternary silicide.

Key words
Mo silicides, Nb silicides, composite materials, Si infiltration, hot pressing

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