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VOLUME 46 (2008), Issue 4

An improved method for measuring surface tension of liquid metals and alloys (Letter to the editor)
LI, D., SHI, D., GAO, G., DONG, J., WANG, L.
vol. 46 (2008), no. 4, pp. 239 - 242

According to the maximum bubble pressure method, a method for fast measuring of surface tension of liquid metals and alloys has been improved. By experiments and analysis, a relationship between surface tension and such parameters as the pressure difference in bubbles, the number of bubbles in a fixed time, and the capillary diameter has been established, according to which surface tension of liquid metals and alloys can be obtained directly. Experimental results show that there are small deviations between the measured values and the reference values of the surface tension.

Key words
surface tension, improved method, liquid metals and alloys, fast measurement

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