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VOLUME 43 (2005), Issue 5

Iron and molybdenum diffusion in Fe76Mo8B15Cu1 alloy
vol. 43 (2005), no. 5, pp. 338 - 347

Fe andMo tracer diffusion in Fe76Mo8B15Cu1 alloy was studied using serial sectioning method in the temperature range 527–649 K. The ribbon-like samples were annealed at 695 K for 1 and 5 hours before the diffusion experiments; the volume fraction of crystalline phase was checked by the Mossbauer spectroscopy. Concentration profiles obtained by sputtering by Ar+ ions in a glow discharge show two distinct branches suggesting that two diffusion paths are operating. Arrhenius plot of measured diffusion coefficients was not linear in the whole temperature studied interval, which may be due to predominance of less energetically demanding jumps at lower temperatures and higher effective activation enthalpy at higher temperatures. The kink temperature was about 630 K.

Key words
amorphous materials, nanocrystalline materials, diffusion

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