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VOLUME 36 (1998), Issue 4

A model of deformation mechanism of the system Cu-TiC (in Slovak)
vol. 36 (1998), no. 4, pp. 239 - 244

In the paper a study of fracture mechanism of Cu-TiC system by an "in situ tensile test in SEM" was done. It is shown that during tensile strain the first cracks appear in the places with the largest critical strain ε = 0.16 after decohesion of larger particles or clusters of small particles. The further stress increase causes formation of a saw-like fracture in an angle α= 45° following rows of particles declined from the direction of tension. The fracture morphology is transcrystalline ductile. A model of fracture mechanism in the investigated system was suggested.

Key words
Cu-TiC system, deformation mechanism, fracture morphology

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Full title of this journal is bilingual: Kovové materiály - Metallic Materials.
The official abbreviation in accordance with JCR ISI is Kovove Mater.

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