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VOLUME 33 (1995), Issue 4

Equilibrium segregation of phosphorus in low-alloy Cr-Mo-V steels (in Slovak)
vol. 33 (1995), no. 4, pp. 212 - 222

The influences of C, Cr, Mo and V on equilibrium segregation of phosphorus in low-alloy Cr-Mo-V steels were investigated. To determine the grain boundary concentrations of segregated elements the Auger electron spectroscopy was used. In the temperature range of 823-913 K the P-C competition was confirmed. Some positive interactions between Mo and P as well as V and P were observed.

Key words
low-alloy Cr-Mo-V steels, equilibrium segregation, phosphorus

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Full title of this journal is bilingual: Kovové materiály - Metallic Materials.
The official abbreviation in accordance with JCR ISI is Kovove Mater.

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